Помощь серверу

If you came to this page, it means that you are not indifferent to the fate of our project. This makes me happy! Thanks to your support, we are constantly improving the server: we are developing or buying new events, modernizing the hardware platform, launching additional advertising, filling up our team with new specialists. We want to be for you the Best Server Lineage 2. And with your help we will succeed!

You are not buying anything and we are not selling anything. You help the server to the extent that the server can help you. The exchange is recognized as equivalent and is considered charity. Therefore, we do not accept any claims regarding safety, quality, guarantees. We do not give any guarantees. If you do not agree with the above, leave this page immediately.

Donat bonus in one payment: from 1к +10%, from 2к +15%, from 3к +20%, from 4к +25% etc.

In order to help the server list the desired amount (1 ruble = 1 coin of luck)   through the service  unitpay.ru:

Good luck coin price: 0 RUB 0 USD 0 UAH